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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 0 Comments

Im back from work & im not feeling well after lunch. After i ate the fried hokkien noodle,
i felt so disgusted & felt nausea for the whole afternoon. The noodle was so oily & my
whole trachea felt so weird!

I feel like puking!! Damn & im having butterflies in my stomach. Sigh! Im seriously not
well. Got to rest early tonight or i may not be able to go to work tml. Yes, counting down,
im left with 2 days to be exact cause im off on Thursday. Yahoo!!!!!

Im tired from the thousand kilometers walk during work. Both my legs are aching like hell
as i didnt hav a chance to sit down after lunch. Kinda hectic! I hate to work with M*l*y!
I dont knw why either. Im a fanatic! No offence pls!

There was this 16yrs old boy with mental disorder who came for an operation today. Not
actually an operation but jus an EUA (Examine under Anaesthestic). He was being sent
to a home for special kids as his mum could not control him too.

My friend went to fetch him & an eyedrop was prescribed for him. But he was not
uncorporative at all. His caretaker, which was also a nurse pinned him down while my
friend instill the eyedrop for him but he was struggling like hell. While struggling, he was
banging his against the chair, biting his own hand & was screaming loudly. I was seriously
petrified by his actions!

He is so unfortunate! Sigh! I tot we will hav a hard time recovering him as he will struggle
about after the operation but he didnt. We are lucky man! Well, all the best to him!!

My soul left me today & im so not me today! Did alot of ridiculous things today during
work which include jumping, dancing, crapping & cracking silly jokes. Walked with my
head looking directly on the floor, asked silly question & do stupid acts!

One, A girl standing infront of OT7 after scrubbing a case, i asked her which OT she is in!
Two, threw the bedsheet into the rubbish bin which instead should be thrown into the linen bag!
Three, washed a plate & after washing, i put the sponge into the dish rack instead of the plate itself!

Stupid right?! I feel like hitting myself after realising how silly i was! I lost my conscious
today & i hav no idea what im doing. Gosh! Where is my soul?!?!

PS: Hunt for my tagboard again, i hav changed to another hideout. Do gimmi a tag.
PSS: Yay, i hav got 96 followers now, 4 more to reach 100!!! Do continue to support.