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Monday, August 16, 2010 0 Comments

Have been busy with work as im drafting out my job description & training & development plan & is awaiting for moderation. This is my first time doing that review so hopefully i didnt ruin it as it will reflect & affect my bonus! Yes, that's the reason why i have not been fixing this dying blog of mine!

Im officially back to Wordpress! Thank you, TW for hosting me! Yay, but sad to say, i couldnt use my previous layout as there are some errors which im not able to solve. So im just gonna use this layout for the time being. Its simple, yet sweet! For some reasons, i just couldnt add pages into my site but its alright, im trying to make site as simple as possible cause i guess i would be the one writing & reading it for now!

[VOW] I promise to blog for at least twice a week & not neglect this poor blog of mine anymore & even if im lazy or busy with life, i will at least sum the week up in a line of two!

Im officially welcoming Jeslyn & Cara onboard on the 1st of July, Thursday! Im seriously so glad to my best bud with me! No more lonely rides home! Im having companies everyday! Goodbye, loneliness! Lesbo-ing as always! Oh dear, am i turning lesbo?!

Im abit sick of this tiring life! Wondered how sick i will be when i turn old! Work eat sleep; thats what im doing everyday! So pathetic luh! How can i make my life better?!

[ATTENTION] Link exchange is now open! Tag me & i may considering linking you. Mind clicking on my nuffnang advertisement? Im looking for nice tagboard with good features. Any recommendation? TYVM!!

Published  on Jul 2, 2010 @ 15:55