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Monday, August 16, 2010 0 Comments

Went over to Dearest's place & Cara's place ystd. Prepared & slacked abit before heading out for dinner. Lesson learnt last night! We should fill up our stomach before heading to Raffles Place! We reach around 8:30PM & all the shops were closed. Walked around but we didnt manage to find smth to eat.

Therefore we decided to cab over to Cityhall for some fast food. I think we shldnt have gone last night cause a freaking cab journey from Raffles Place to Cityhall takes about 30mins & cost SGD11.60! Freaking madness ok! Its all due to the NDP luh that causes jams & road blocks everywhere!

Was kinda unlucky. My phone was near to flat & i was abit tipsy last night cause i drank abit too much. Felt so sleepy on my way home but Cara kept tapping me to ask me not to fall sleep. LOL! Anyway, luckily i wassnt drank but tired & sleepy!

Reached home at about 4AM, had a quick bath & headed to bed! I didnt even charge my phone cause i was too tired to do so! Slept throughout till 3PM! I slept for 11hours in total! Like WOW! I was still sleepy thou when i woke up but decided not to go back to sleep cause i think i slept abit too much for the day.

Oh no! Weekends are ending real soon! Did nothing fascinating this  weekend but went clubbing at Butter factory last night! Not really fun  cause the music aint really nice! Well, shall treat it as an exercise!  Clubbing is an exercise ok! Stayed at home for the whole day today! Too much exercising makes me tired, but still i love it! ♥

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Published on: Jul 4, 2010 @ 19:37