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Wednesday, May 12, 2010 2 Comments

Im back for good cause i seriously miss blogging but my host went missing so my site was left rotting away. I know my skin sucks for now, so im planning to make a skin soon, but well, if someone can donate me a self customized skin to me, that will be fantastic!

Alrighty, i have seriously lost touch to the cyberworld. Life for me is great now. Im enjoying every single minutes during work. Cute babies, nice colleagues & an understanding boss. What's more can i ask for?

Tomorrow's is my venepuncture test (blood taking's theory test). Hopefully i can pass and not do the retest again! I dont wanna repeat the story of why i fail the first time round!

Gonna get my butt working! So gonna burn that stack of notes & drink it down & make sure i pass with flying colors tml! Will be back with a skin, soon!