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Im done!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010 3 Comments

Im so sorry i didnt update for so so long! I said i wanted to have a new skin but i was held up in some stuff. For the time being, this will be my skin cause i cant be bothered to make a new one as im lazy! My domain cant work & i have got no time to figure out the problem. Lots of things happened.

Bf got hospitalized for nearly a week as he was having a high fever so i have to nurse him myself. Was totally exhausted for the whole of last week. Doctor did all sorts of investigation on him like blood tests & lumbar puncture (to poke a needle into the gap in between the spine to extract out the cranial fluid) but still they didnt find out the cause of the fever.

His hands were full of bruise due to the blood taking. That's my poor boy! Im on MC today. Well, had fever for the past 2 days. I hope & pray that i didnt get the virus from bf!

Im hell bored right now! What can i do for the day man?