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Saturday, June 27, 2009 0 Comments

Thanks to Pailin whom intro me to use blogger draft which looks so much cooler then
the normal old blogger which almost everyone is using. You all should try the new one
& see which one you like.

I personally prefer the old one cause my entry looks sucky when i post using the new
one. Finally, the ripper removed the ripped skin of mine & Pailin! Damn you ripper!

Anyway, still having headache with the wordpress skin and the hosting. Everything is
not on the track yet! And im pissed for you keep turning & twisting the words you said
to me & Irene! You dunc even understand my concerns here yet you act as if you did.

Went self studying with Stella in the afternoon. Studied for solid 6 hours, but we spend
almost half the time chit chatting. Well, i decided to gave up cause i know nuts about
Accounting & i planned to flung the subject.

However, i managed to pass the test which i feel very happy about it. Well, the 6 hours
i spent was worth while. I hope i can pass the main paper which will be held in 3 week's
time. Really need to pull up my socks & start working on it alrd!

[Addon] Yay, our wordpress layout are done, like finally! Therefore, we are left with the
part! Im really looking forward to the change, i cant wait to! YAHOO!!

I really got a shock of my life after coming out from my shower. Damn, i found a big dead
cock on the floor lying motionless beside my chair! God, i dont knw how it died nor i know
why it is there!

Maybe i slept with the cock last night, aww really gross man! Luckily its dead or i might
need to declare a war with that cock! Swept it off & threw it away. My heart nearly
stopped & it skipped a beat!

Damn my bluetooth, i cant beam the picture into my lappy! Shall fix it later! [/Addon]

Here is a mystery for you to solve, tag me with the answer!

A man was found murdered on a japanese navy ship at 2am on 5th Jan 1999.
Police questioned everyone on the ship.

Captain: I was sleeping when the murder took place.
Cook: I was cooking.
Crew: The flag turned upside down so i was turning it.
Scout: I was scouting for enemy ship as there was a signal.
Anchorman: I was anchoring.

Police arrested the murderer immediately. Now, who do you think is the
murderer & why?

PS: Answers will be reviewed in the next entry!