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Monday, August 16, 2010 0 Comments

Hola, goodbye Monday! Its a brand new week & im already looking forward to Friday! Yearning for more weekends! Headed to work & walk like a sleepyhead all day long. Nothing much happened today.

I brought my tongue stud last week & it comes with a diamond in the center & the diamond actually came off just now while i was sucking on some sweets! Oh my holy shit! Luckily i nv ate it down or my shit is gonna worth alot cause a diamond is buried in it! Well, i can sell it on E-bay perhaps?!

Alright, i know its gruesome much! I swear im not gonna get tongue studs with colors & diamonds. Im gonna be a good girl & will get something plain & simple, metallic like the normal ones. And im gonna quit playing with it! Maybe thats the cause of eating down the paint & next time, the diamond which i dont wanna! Eeewwwl~
Maybe i can just slap myself each time i play with it so as to remind me to stop it! Anyway, thanks Jerie, i got my Agnes B bag! Woohoo, its from Japan & its like 50% less. Loving it much! Weigh myself at work & i actually lose 2KG over the weekends. Was just wondering if its the dancing that causes it. If it is, im gonna party more often & treat it like an exercise!

Something is very wrong with me today! Im always on hunger mode. I felt hungry even after meals! God, whats happening to me?! Has puberty strike me again? I hope so but its still impossible! Damn! I want to go thru puberty again but minus away the pimples breakout stages! LOL! *Wendy, stop dreaming!*

Tired much & i guess im gonna rest early tonight! GOODNIGHT! ♥

Published on: Jul 5, 2010 @ 20:45