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? Depression

Monday, August 16, 2010 0 Comments

Yahoo, my week ends today! The week is so fast yet so slow! On leave tomorrow & i will be heading for a swim in the morning. I need to fucking exercise & burn off the fats on my tummy!!

Wanted to go to the gym too but i couldnt get a nice track shoe! All the track shoe look so fugly & costly!!! I need a nice & pink one to motivate me! Anyway, im gonna dump the idea of going to the gym cause i know the passion will slowly die off after awhile!

Anyway, i dyed my hair yesterday! Was contemplating for brown or black but in the end i chose brown. Well, i guess i shouldnt contemplate too much next time cause it will turn out neither this nor that.  The aftermath looks like the same old colour i had like before except that its slightly brown-er now! Kinda irritating, damn!

Im emotionally, mentally & physically tired out! I think i may be suffering from some slight depression! Sometime i just wish that i will not wake up from my sleep the next day so that i can perish from this world! Where is my rainbow?!

Nobody seems to understand me at all. Seriously tired of living! I wanna die!! Sometimes i was just thinking. If i were to die, they can then use my organs to save other children/adults who is in need of them to stay alive. Well, a dead person who is still able to leave some happiness behind for others. This might be a better idea right?

Im so pathetic! There are some people out there trying so hard to stay alive & yet im here thinking of dying! How sad is this! If only we could have this on & off button in our body that we can just on & off our system as & when we like! I seriously need a break! Im going bonkers. I may seems fine but deep down in me im not happy at all. The laugh that i have is no longer true. Everything is so fake now. I wanna leave Singapore & go to somewhere new! :(

That's all folks!

Published on: Jul 8, 2010 @ 22:54