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Bore, Bored, Boring!

Monday, August 16, 2010 0 Comments

Bloody hell! I never get to swim today cause the bloody pool was closed for an event! Planned to tan myself earlier but too bad, its not my day! Damn! Lunch, bath, slack at Dearest's place & watched "Black & White". Wanted to continue at home but this damn lappy of mine didnt allow me to watch it & it keeps lagging on me!

Tomorrow's is Sat, gonna rot & slack again! Loving it yet hating it! Maybe i may be trying my luck tomorrow & shall visit the pool again! Im so not happy cause i didnt get to enter the pool today luh! I need to get a little more tan cos im kinda too fair now! I would love to go Sentosa soon!

Im kinda pissed at myself this morning for waking up so early! Any ways  to make myself sleep longer other then medication which i just took an  hour ago! Sooner or later, im gonna turn into a drug addict if this goes  on! I know its not ethical, but no choice!

Im always so bored at home! Bore, bored, boring max! There is nothing i can do infront of the computer other then staring at the screen or playing FB but there is no games for me in FB! Boring TTM! I need Youtube! I have not finish those uncompleted dramas yet! WTF!

Was contemplating whether should i shut down my current FB & start it all over again! Feeling pissed over the system error! Its so buggy now & nothing was being done to it! Hey fb, please send your pest team & get rid all the bugs in there please!

Im so looking forward! 2 more weeks to unleashing myself! ❤

Published on: Jul 10, 2010 @ 0:15