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Definition of Happy: NA

Monday, August 16, 2010 0 Comments

My fucking life is in a mess right now! There is this mental war in me & i hate it maximum!! Im feeling down down down these few weeks because of work! Im seriously working & trying very very hard right now but nobody seems to notice it & the problem is still visible! So what's the point of working hard then & what's the fucking problem with me? If you asked me if i have work hard, i will say yes i did. Although its not a 100%, but its already beyond my norm & im still trying to improve myself whenever i can! I swear! I dont know if im over sensitive or what-so-ever, but every sentence just hurt me so much that i feel like giving up but i know i cant! Maybe im not so mature for it or im just too stress and got misunderstood them. I want to run away from the problem but there is no where i can run to! Im going into a state of depression if these goes on! :'( My body just feel like shutting down whenever im awake. I hate life, work & myself for being so useless in everything! Nothing seems right for me. I may be smiling around, but deep down in my heart, im always crying. Open my heart if you have a chance & see how terrible & miserable it look! I may be strong, but im not! Seriously! Whenever i want to pour my worries to someone, words just stuck in my throat! Therefore i just swallowed everything down again! How i wish i could just swallow my worries & shit them out the next day! I can do nothing now but to blame it all on fate!

Published on: Jul 28, 2010 @ 19:45