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KOI Makes My Day!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010 1 Comments

A super busy day today with a crampy stomach! 4 patients for the morning, 2 recruitment with 3 employee! We were so busy that our in-charge have to help us with the ground work as well. Everything was kinda hectic. Took 10 tubes of blood for 3 patients in just 30 minutes! Yummy!

If i was a vampire, i will be damn satisfied for today! Blood, blood & more blood! Luscious maximum~ However, quite pleased that everything goes well although my legs were quite jelly throughout!

Slacked, chit chatted & disturbed Jiams in after lunch while waiting for my subject. Oh well, its not my day. Waited for an hour & yet she didnt turn up & she is not the one im looking for. My bad!

Tendered my resignation letter in the morning & the HR called a few hours later. Didnt expect it to be so fast! NUS's way of resignation is so weird! They will send you a copy of the resignation template & you just need to edit & give it back to them.

A good thing cause you does not need to crack your head on what to include in the letter. My last day will be on the 12th Sept & im left with 4.5 days of annual leave.

How should i spend it or should i just let the HR convert into cash? Will be starting my new job on the 13th Sept. No short rest as i cant afford to. I felt kinda bad to resign at this peak period but im looking forward to the 13th Sept.

And and and to my surprise, Eve suddenly appear in the office with my KOI bubble tea which she intend to buy tonight & bring them to work the next day! So nice of her to deliver it all the way to our office on her off day! A million thanks to her man! It seriously makes my day! ❤