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Wednesday, August 18, 2010 0 Comments

How i wish i could be like Bella from Twilight, liking Jacob & loving Edward! I was having insomnia again last night. Flipped around in bed for nearly 2 hours before i make my way to lalaland. Am i stressed up in work or my brain activity just couldnt stop?

Love, what is love?

Go to http://dictionary.com & you will get 28 different kinds of meaning. In short, its an affection or a liking.

Many thing came flashing into my mind. I came to a conclusion that im relying on boyfie more then im loving him. I am always flaring up because of small little things. And i tends to give him answer like "Im tired/lazy!" when he suggested meetups.

I took everything for granted & decides everything by my mood. When boyfie call, i will try to end every call by using excuses like, "Will call you later!" etc. These started after she appear 3 years ago. A wound is always a wound & it will be there no matter what. It will eventually turn into a scar & be with you forever.

Frankly speaking, we dont text each other often other then "Good morning" or "Goodnight" & we will only have a short 1 to 2 mins chat on the phone everyday. I know im not a good girlfriend & i dont think this is called love anymore.

  What will you choose?

I know i should do something to my goddamn relationship. But the rely is so strong that im so used to it. I am always lost when i ask myself to come to a conclusion. I know i should stop liking T & i kept reminding myself that i cant! I cant help it but to feel happy after his call.

Im so sick & tired of life, like seriously! What should i do?


Work is as boring as usual. Jiams told me that she saw one of my pic while i was clubbing in ButterFactory in April with Has & Rein in one of the Juice Magazine. Shocked! Wonder where can i get the May issue of Juice Magazine. Anyone?!?!

I was quite amazed by a newborn whom weigh 5.5KG! Mind you, he is just 1 day old & he weigh more then a pack of 5KG rice! Went to NICU to visit him & he was really humongously huge & he look like some 6 months old baby! I have never seen such a big baby before!

Poor him, he was having some difficulty in breathing with tubes all around his body. Best of luck, baby!