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Thursday, August 19, 2010 0 Comments

Im so sick of living! I just wish someday i will get knocked down by a car on my way home & die on the scene with my last words. I feel so inferior everywhere i go! People who are attitude towards others because of their mood swing should just die!

"How we think shows through in how we act. Attitudes are mirrors of the mind. They reflect thinking"

Singaporean's attitude is getting from bad to worst, like seriously! Scolding the innocent will make you feel no better! So the phrase "What goes around comes around" are just bullshit. Work was real sucky today! Being polite & nice but got scolded in return is what i got today! FML!

NUH should just review their staff's attitude & service & see how bad some is, especially those in the ward setting! Went to ward 48, stood infront of a nurse & politely asked her to open the door of the nursery & she just walked off without even responding to me.

I guess i was transparent! I didnt wear the emperor's new clothes! Then proceeded to ward 98, approached a nurse to ask for some casenote, a PSA passed them to me & we politely asked her if we could use the photocopier. She activated the photocopier, walked off & started nagging & shouting at us in an angry tone.

In the first place when we asked her politely, she could just reject us politely right? She got all the right to do so cause we were merely asking! Why must she flare up when we are talking politely to them? Dont let your PMS symptom affect or ruin people's mood! If you are having a mood swing, its your goddamn problem, not others!

No matter how bad your mood is, you should just act a smile infront of others cause your mood swing aint caused by others but your goddamn hormones/body! Nobody will care if your smile is an act when you are in a bad mood! This is basic courtesy, asses! 

Most of the staff in NUH issnt polite at all. I would say "NO" to visiting NUH in the future! Im glad that im leaving! Im sure there are alot of nurse with uncouth behavior around. I would rather die than to stay in the hospital with such nurses around, it will make one even more ill!!