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Friday, August 20, 2010 0 Comments

I have got serious insomnia after chatting with Cara last night. It hurts like hell after i heard about what he said about me. Lied in bed for more than 4 hours before i doze off. That sentence just lingers around my mind & couldnt go away. Tears dropped cause i cherish you so much, i swear!

Guys whom control their girlfriend on who to befriend with are losers! Im officially hating this kinda guys to the max! Get lost off my sight if you are one! So un-gentleman can! Thanks Irene, Stan & esp T for comforting me last time! Thank you for being there, lovables!

I dragged myself off the bed, prepared & headed to work so unwillingly. I wish i could just escape from this job immediately! Sad to say, i still got 3 more works before last day! 20 more days to endure!

I got a hard time today with a case! As usual, i felt so helpless during work. Nobody bothered to even help me with it when its my first time handling such cases. I just wish that i could just run away from it & hide in a hole.

Im glad i have Jes with me! Loves! We were so bored to the extreme that we tested this glucose drink for patient. This was supposed to be given to the patient during a procedure & its a very sweet drink as it contains 75g glucose but to me it tasted limey.

Something is really wrong with my taste bud or it was supposed to taste this way? Maybe it is really way too sweet that it tasted slightly sour to me as i hated sweet stuff to the max. I cant stand super sweet stuff! After drinking, my throat was feeling so uneasy!


I was so bored that i went to http://friendster.com to take a look! Friendster have been overtaken by Facebook these day that nobody even bother to login Friendster i guess. Im one of them! Logined in my Friendster few days back, looked at my outdated picture & memories flows back into my mind!

This was the very first few picture i took with boyfie 5 years ago! Omg, it was that long! I still remember this picture was taken by one of the super old model phone i used to hold - Nokia 3230 5 years ago! I miss those days!

And and and, i used to look so fugly! Im sorry i looks so nerdy & childish! Ohmygoodness! But any major changes in me? I dont think so? Used to remember Friendster was as popular as how Facebook is now! Everybody never fails to have a Friendster account! But i dont remember how it dies! Maybe of its boring features!

"You brought me to life. Now every February, you'll be my Valentine!"

Im still trying to look for the picture we took for the first time, but where did i put them? Maybe i lost them after my first hard disk crashes! Where the hell are you?!