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Saturday, August 28, 2010 0 Comments

My blackberry service is activated! Loving my mad chio berry! Loves it to the max luh! Although i spend more then 5 bucks on the theme, but im falling in love with it. Chio chio chio!~ No regrets!

Woke up at 6AM for attachment. Its like damn early to me cause i usually wake up 40mins later. Made myself a glass of holick & it taste horrible! I guess i didnt make a drink for myself for too long.

Attachment today was alright. The people were nice & all. Im looking forward to that day! Shopping with Stella & Cara in Far East Plaza. Got my uniform & coat. Brought home & it was super heavy!

I walk like one drunkard in town with that bag with 2 pink top, 1 red top, 1 pink polo tee, 1 black pants & 1 black coat cause its too heavy for me and i tends to lost my balance at times. Brought a pair of heels & a pearl bracelet. I really should stop spending! Im gonna eat grass soon.


Bugis with Cara. Steamboat session for 2 solid hours. My first visit to the shop & i would say its not bad. I ate alot of chicken & pork today which i dont usually like. And the small fried bun with condensed milk was fab! Gonna gain some real fats for being so greedy!

May i be greeted with diarrhea or a bug when i wake up the day after?