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Tuesday, August 31, 2010 0 Comments

How issit like to fall deeply in love with someone?

How do i know how much i love a person & how much he worth in my heart?

This question kept floating into my mind these few days. Just some simple questions, but i dont seems to know the answer. I know i would never get the question right cause i dont know how to love anymore. Silly dumb me!!

So many things spin in my mind. Yea, its complicated but i need to get the facts right this time. I just need a teeny weeny bit more time before i could solve this complicated mystery of my heart.

My nightmare is ending in less then 10 days! It finally comes to an end cause everything is disguising to the max! Im counting down till my very last day!

But i cant bare to leave my dear Jeslyn! For me, i could do anything. Alright, i sound as if im a lesbo, but im not k!! Lend my hand to Jeslyn to practice blood taking as she is going for the course tml.

I admit i was a teeny weeny scared of taking blood & also its her second time but i still let her practice without any hesitation. Thats what friends are for! :)

I realized that my temper is getting from bad to worst these day. I used to have super good temper in the past when i was younger, but where has it gone to? I always flare up because of some teeny weeny problem now. So stop testing my patience!