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Wednesday, September 15, 2010 1 Comments

Started my new job on Tuesday! Everything is so far so good. Had a busy day on my first day of work. It was so busy that i was being left alone but well, luckily i have got experience & exposure in SNEC in the past.

Had backache, flu & sore throat on my first day of work which makes me feel sucky. Luckily the sore throat was gone after take some anti-inflammatory last night. But the flu bug still didnt let me off.

I kept having this sneezing feeling all the time but didnt sneeze! The feeling is so sucky! Hope the flu goes off tml after medication tonight! *hope & pray* 

Today was almost free all the time. Learn how to take Fundus photo, anterior photo & OCT Disc & macular today! It was fun! But practise makes perfect, therefore im still under training.

I hate oversized clothing! My uniform looks oversized on me, as always! Sigh! Wonder where can i find cheap cheap tailor!?