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Friday, September 10, 2010 0 Comments

My 3 mths in IMU & 6mth 9 days of journey in NUS came to a closing today. Wow, have been staying for nearly a year in NUH! Time seriously strike like the lightning, fast & furious.

I dont knw to feel sad or happy but i definitely will miss Jes & miss disturbing the girls in FCC! Will miss the chit chat session while waiting for those patient.

But of cause, im gonna miss/not miss GUSTO with people who dont have much topic to talk about, the uber cold palace (Andrology Center) & those nice patients! Not forgetting those super uber cute newborny! They are love at first sight!! Yay, no more on-calls to do.

Today is my last day of week & also the ending of recruitment phrase. Today was totally a hectic day! So many things to do & we were having a marathon with time. Quarreled with a PCA infront of a patient too. Ridiculous of her to change our protocol when she gave the information to the patient & came back blaming us for not informing the patient.

What the hell la?! Its her bloody fault & yet she is trying to push to us infront of the patient & acting so innocent. Lucky its my last day! Gosh! She simply loves to play tai ji i guess! Asses!

Till now, i still dont knw if i made the correct choice cause i felt so bad! I had super nice boss & also, felt bad for dumping Jes alone. Wanna thank her for being there for the past few months. I love her max max! Hate my farewell lunch treat from Janie the boss last Friday at Thai Express!

I swear she is the nicest boss ever! Having a long weekends ahead. Am staring work at ERS on the 14th! Quite looking forward to my 1st day of work. Am embarking on a new journey! How will it be like? I wonder wonder wonder!