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Friday, September 17, 2010 0 Comments

Waking up at 6AM in the morning everyday makes me hell tired! Work was fun, challenging, stressed & tiring as well. So many things to learn & so little time. I need to get everything into my head as soon as possible!

The flu bug cant live without me. Im still down with flu! Irritating nose of mine & my voice turned sexy & hawt! The flu medicine & the flu jab i took few months back dont work on me this time! Luckily, the sore throat is gone.

I woke up with red & swollen eyes today. It barely can open but i still force them to as i need to work. Well, luckily its much better after i went out from the house. Hopefully nothing goes wrong!

Bugis with Jes & my new friend, Catherine after work today. Went to alter my coat! I hope the alteration dont take too long! Qued for KOI & it was quite fast today! I wish they will open a new outlet in JP soon!

Tried Ai-Yu ice tea & Chocolate milk tea but i still love Vanilla milk tea & ice cream milk tea the best with 70% sugar level. Shopped & went for lunch at Chang, a korean restaurant! Kimchi & rice cake was superb!

I realized that i spent less then 5 bucks this week excluding today's dinner! Work then straight home daily. Lunch was smth simple. Either maggie or bread with a cup of milk. Not sure if this will help in shedding off unwanted fats. But i have been eating alot today!

1 cup of Ensure Life milk, 2 half boiled egg, 2 pc of bread, 1 chicken wing, 2 slice of pizza, a cup of ice longan, a slice of strawberry shortcake, a regular KOI chocolate milk tea, a bowl of Kimchi Ramen, 5 pieces of rice cake & a big sheet of seaweed.    

Cant wait for tml's date with Jes & Cara. I seriously need a good massage before the aches get worst. Party over the weekends, perhaps?