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Thursday, October 21, 2010 0 Comments

Loving my pink extension! It comes in 2 shades of pink, light pink & hot pink! Woohoo! Im a die hard fan of pink!

Work die me! Its slowly taking my life away. Everyday is so damn busy without fail, but well at least im quite in love with my job. But kinda stressed especially when this month im in charge of the operation stuff.

Every now & then i would be very worried about not passing those notes to my fellow doctors. Its like a mummy who worries when there is no food for the children. Im always keeping on a lookout on where they are going!

1 more week & i will be passing the baton over to someone else! Looking forward to next month!

Im so looking forward to tomorrow's knock off although im working this Sat. Fml. Being single issnt a bad thing but not a good thing too! Oh well, have to see where you are looking & what you are looking at!

Mummy just told me to apply for leave for xmas as we are going to Malaysia. Well, its better then nothing. I seriously need to unwind after working for 1 solid year! Hope and pray my leave will be approved!