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Sunday, September 26, 2010 0 Comments

Omfg! I didnt update for nearly a week! A long long week at work. I must admit that its a tiring week & im super tired by Friday. Work on Sat was a killer for me! Dragged myself to work but im still happy with work. I love my friends much!

Depressed after work on Mon due to A. He is such an ass! No longer know which sentence is true or which is fake. You seriously make me confused! I dont wanna fight but you are the one who assume i started it. FML much much much!

Was so depressed that i took some cough syrup with sleeping pills. I dont wanna give a damn to the world anymore & i slept for nearly a day! Fucking 20 hours without lunch and dinner! I was so weak by the time i was awake.

On my way back to work on Sat, i eyed on a pair of GUESS wedges in ION! Super chio & high but expensive at the same time! Headed down to ION to get it but they dont carry my size but they told me Bugis's outlet have it so went down to Bugis after that.

I fucking brought them for SGD135! Super satisfied & it makes my day! Buying shoe cheers most girl up. I dont know if it applies to every girl, but at least it applies to me!

I never fails to step into a shoe shop whenever i shop, i swear! Had a crab feast too just now. Super full & super sinful! 2 more hours to weekday! :(