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WELL.. ..

Friday, October 01, 2010 0 Comments

If only, life can be so bombastic like fireworks! Well, mine was the opposite right now, lifeless & dead!

My life has turned boring after i started taking up this job. My life is about work & sleep, nothing else. Bf was like a stranger to me right now. Oh dear, it dulls my everything. However, i dont regret taking up this job.

Everyday is practically as busy as a bee. Non-stop from the start of work till the end of work. My legs is aching like mad after the end of the clinic. Quite stress actually.

I just hope that i will be down with high fever this weekend. You can say im crazy, but i can sense that my body is super worn out right now! I seriously need ample of rest.

I need to unwind. Like se-fucking-riously! :(