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Tuesday, October 12, 2010 1 Comments

Didnt update my blog for so damn long. Im undergoing alot of stress these days from work. Im still learning every single bit of things & everytime im always so paranoid about making mistakes. My anxious thoughts always makes me go gaga!

Why do man have to work? Logically, its to earn money! How i wish i could have a job which doesnt need me to use brain & also well paid as well. I guess there issnt any but to marry a rich man & be a tai tai at home.

Who doesnt want to be a tai tai in the first place? This is every single woman's dream man! Well, i guess it all depends on the word, FATE! If you are fated to be, you will be!

Well, gotta formally announce that im single officially after 5 years of being attached! Well, many people asked "Are you sure you are able to let go of this 5yrs relationship?"

Well, yes i can do it, i know i can! There is no specific reason for the breakup, its just that im seriously sick & tired of that kinda life so now its time to try something new! Its for real this time! Dont worry, im perfectly all right.

I just need someone better!