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Thursday, October 28, 2010 0 Comments

Im seriously hating my damn pathetic, miserable & monotonous life to the very fucking max. Breakfast > Work > Lunch > Work > Home > Dinner > TV/Computer > Sleep. The repetition goes on & on everyday without fail. What kinda life is this?!

Im always in my own world, standing alone in the dark. I hate this kinda opacity. I hate this kinda feeling. I hate this kinda life. Im tired, seriously.

I need a system or a program that would delete my database partially at my own risk. If i have the system i would like to delete the past and also fast forward to the future & write a fairytale in my life. My heart is aching every single second. It made me hate life.

I dont wanna hug on to any thoughts anymore. In other words, if action and sincerity are absent, ever single word is meaningless. I had enough. I dont wanna hear words that are meaningless anymore, i wanna delete everything, but who can help me?!!

There are billions of people in the world & millions in Singapore. Why issit so hard to make two hearts beat as one?