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Friday, November 26, 2010 2 Comments

This week is really really long! Mentally and physically in distress. Back aching like hell since this afternoon. Im getting old! Well, i need a long peaceful sleep.

Sleep is the only time when i can forget everything. Whenever the system shuts down, nothing will be running. Good. Why god didnt invent a restore or reformat setting in our body? Well, this will be a great setting & i can assure no one will ever commit suicide & Singapore will not face a low birth rate anymore!

Tomorrow is my rest day. My plans for the weekend is - sleep. I will be at home for the whole of weekend. No activities planned & im not gonna get out of the house with my nerdy pair of glasses. Just gonna ensure for another 5 days with glasses on!

Gonna try to save up as much as i can cause im spending a bomb next week. I will try to sleep as much as i could. Im not gonna think and miss you anymore. Well its beyond my control but i will try hard! Im not gonna die because of you cause without you i can still survive!

Im sure i can! Can you do it? Yes i can! I just got to survive thru this critical period & im done with it! Yes, im looking forward to this day & live on my own. Im gonna open the next door of my life! Women of the modern world can live without man!!

I will not get moody because of a man who doesnt miss me. Why should i miss you when you dont miss me? Why should i text you if you dont text me? My initiative for love is gone now! Please make the first move cause i wun!

Was my fb account hacked? I have got nothing to take from in my account, dude!