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Thursday, December 09, 2010 0 Comments

Yay, i have lost a KG after skipping my dinner everyday for the past few days! To be happy or to be sad? I dont knw. Whenever the night struck, my appetite went downhill so does my mood.

I wish nothing ever changes. I need you!

I guess im left with nothing but an empty shell. Im so damn broke now. Paid for my lasik & it seriously cost me a big bomb. I can buy 2 LV bag with the money i used for my lasik surgery! Sigh!! Went for check today, everything is fine.

I hope it will be better as days goes. My cornea is still abit misty but flaps are perfect so doc changed a new drops for me. Today's clinic was hell crazy! My leg and body is aching like hell. Need my weekends now!