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Tuesday, December 21, 2010 0 Comments

Im having the best christmas ever this year! Anyway, hereby wishing everyone a merry christmas as i will not be blogging for the next few days. Im not in town for this xmas!

Will be visiting granny & cousin & then to Genting for a short break! Im looking forward to this break cause i hasnt had one for sometime. I need to unwind badly!

This xmas was the best one i ever had. Xmas party in clinic was wonderful! We had gift exchange this morning & as usual, fun! And we, the youngsters did another gift exchange ourselves too. In total, i had 6 christmas present now -  Hairclip & eye shadow from Jasmine, lip gloss from Christine, 2 pair of earrings from Aiping, a necklace from Stella & a shower set from Grace & im still counting!

And i gave myself a super big present too - lasik & my Gucci sunglasses. It cost more then SGD2500! Although it cost a bomb, i think lasik is worth it. Oh ya, im having 0 degree right now. Everything is so far so good!

I love the fact that i do not need to depend on glasses anymore! I love the fact that whenever i open my eyes in the morning, everything is so sharp to me! I dont feel like a blind mice anymore & i dont need to look nerdy with those glasses!

I simply love this xmas with my wonderful friends!