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GOODBYE 2010 & HELLO 2011!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010 1 Comments

Im back from my year end holiday! Well, holidays are small getaway but im feeling more tired then ever. Maybe because of the late night sleep and the early wakeups everyday while i was away. Im forcing myself to concentrate on what im typing cause i know i didnt update for ages.

This getaway wassnt as fun as i imagined cause i went Genting for a couple of time already. Jes & i hav been planning for a small getaway in April to Bangkok. Woohoo, i hope everything goes according to what we are going to plan!

The end of the year is getting nearer and nearer. One more day to 2011! Should i be happy or sad? Well, sad for im gonna be a year older! People always say, "After you took your key, time will fly so fast that you dont even know."

This is damn true man! The start of 2010 seems like yesterday! Oh well, another year wasted! Not a very happy year though. Changed 2 jobs, tried something which i didnt thought that i would & party like a rockstar almost all the time. I can say this year is the most stunning one i had.

Its so dramatic that i feel like everything was episodes of drama.When i put everything into a picture, i never fail to laugh at it. No more depressing days for now. Well, i guess everything is god will.

My laptop has been sent for service by TW before i went to Genting. Thank you for taking the effort to do so cause i know i would drag and drag until it dies off. I need to service my Blackberry too but im so lazy to drag myself to the service center! Damn, am i too violent?!

My resolution for next year is to save more money & to be a better person. And and and not forgetting me being loved more!!! Hope next year will be better & it definitely will!!!

Advanced happy new year! Cheers & with love!