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Happy Bday, Wendy!

Saturday, April 09, 2011 1 Comments

This year wassnt the same like before anymore, without you with me. But it doesnt matter anymore cause i can live even by myself. I was greeted by anger & depression this morning!

Angry at myself for i woke up 2hrs before my alarm rings & much depressed for i dont know the reason! This year's celebration was a really simple one, nothing special. I didnt look forward to it anyway. Meetup, dinner and ladies maintenance. Its just like any simple normal day.

Thanks to all my friends whom took the effort to celebrate with me. I didnt celebrate with my frens for a very long time already! I wish my wishes will come true - it doesnt only involve me, i made a wish for all my friends.

Again, very much appreciated for the smses, dinners, tweets, presents, bday cakes & the 135 fb bday wish & im still counting! It was the sincerity that counts! :)