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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 4 Comments

Im back, for the time being! I seriously miss blogging & my readers too, i swear! If you are still visiting or reading my dead blog, thank you! I know i lost a handful of readers, so sad!

I didnt blog for the past few months cause i dont wanna keep any sad memories in here. A blog is supposed to let you archive your memories so that one fine day in the future, you can still smile when you read those past entries. Right?

Therefore, i will only start blogging once i found my true happiness. Im not sure when it will be? Maybe few months down the road or even years. Well, its all written down my fate & im waiting for it to happen.

 Here is a recent of updates of my current life - Life is boring! Im recently working hard, sleeping hard, partying hard & shopping hard. At times, i cant help it but to feel sad but im trying my best to stay happy but it always fail. Well at least i tried!

But i really must thanks my group of friends who are always there for me! I got over him but at times he still runs in my mind and dreams. But whatever it is, its the past now. He let me understand that - everything is unpredictable, treasure what you have infront of you.

My main aim for blogging today is to rant about work! Although we still work as per normal, but the aura at work everyday was really bad! Because of one black sheep, everything turned into a problem. Miscommunication & misunderstanding everywhere.

What is so difficult to just forgive & forget, apologies & then work as a team like we used to be? Some people just must find faults for revenge purpose. Hey come on lah, we are adults, stop being so childish can!! If this continues, one fine day, we nurses will all boycott & good luck to the clinic! Sigh!