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New Layout!

Sunday, April 17, 2011 0 Comments

Im finally done with a new layout! Hav not been touching html codes for freaking 2years (including the days i used wordpress! I miss wordpress much!)- can you image how long is that, im practically out of date now!

Was damn bored so i decided to play with html codes & unknowingly i came out with this layout! I know this layout is not new to you cause its a edited version of my previous wordpress layout! Somehow i managed to edit to 80pc of how it looks originally!  

Well, this motivates me to come back to blogging a little, but then my mood issnt 100pc stabilized & prepared to blog again. I just need that word - HAPPY to blog out  happy and exciting stuff. But sadly, this word is no longer in my dictionary.

Im sure this word will appear in my dictionary in the near future! Cheers!