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Money Not Enough!

Friday, April 22, 2011 1 Comments

Thank god today is a public holiday! Went out to shop ystd & Im so in love with Paul & Joe's makeup product lately! I spent like SGD500 on them already & im super satisfied with the finishing - matte, radiant & smooth! Excellence, i highly recommend this brand but is a teeny weeny expensive!


The set that im using which ranges from the face to the lip which includes a protective liquid foundation, face powder, face powder for shading, pressed powder duo, eye color primer, eye makeup remover, pencil eye liner, face color, lipstick, 2 eye shadow cost around SGD600!

Yes, i brought them all but some were freebies & i guess i spent like SGD400 to SGD500 on them! Now im uber broke, cant wait for payday next week! Shopping session today with Cara & i spent another SGD300 just now while Cara spend SGD250 for her Gucci sunnies!

Taka was having this fair & there was this GUESS sales! I brought 3 pairs of GUESS sandals & its super cheap can! Those branded sunnies was on sales too! Its a good buy! Went for a hairdo after that. I was introduced to this Korean curler that will curl your hair in 10mins! Sorry for the poor image quality by my Blackberry & my ah gong fringe!

Im so irritated by my eyes now! I was alright all the while and suddenly i notice that my lower vision was blocked by something so i went to the mirror & tadah, i saw a bump on my left lower lid! I can see the bump when i look straight or down! I was so disturbed by it!

Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow or else i need to see the doctor again! What the hell! Kinda exciting im going for my first driving lesson tomorrow! Please make sure my bump go off by then! I dont want my vision to be blocked by this bump! Sigh! God bless me!