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Lesson 1.

Saturday, April 23, 2011 0 Comments

A long weekend, but 2 days are down but i felt that im still sleep & rest deprived. Insomnia everyday! My body is like having this built-in alarm clock & whenever its 8plus, i will auto wakeup. Its so frustrating when i open my eye, looked at the clock, its merely 9am!  

I had this super weird dream on Thursday night. I dreamt that my paternal granny & grandpappy passed away & my family have to send their body to the memorial park for cremation. We carried the body into a police van & started driving. 

And we drove & drove & daddy drop me off at a shopping center as i need to go to the toilet. He told me to wait across the street & i went missing after the visit to the toilet. I then asked around & found my way back to the vehicle. We started driving & suddenly we are carrying the 2 dead bodies, walking down a stretch of HDB corridor!

Suddenly i woke up from my dream & i went to the toilet. After which i continued my sleep & my dream continued too! It was the exact continuation of the dream before my toilet break! We then started driving pass the expressway with alot of students rioting on the expressway! 

The students even carried guns & weapons with the lead of their teachers. And suddenly the dream vanished in my sleep. Thinking back, what the hell does this dream means? My paternal granny & grandpappy had passed away fro quite sometime already! 

Dreams are always so stupid & not logical at all! They are the culprit that takes away most of my sleeping time! I seriously need some cough syrup luh! :(

While you are dreaming, your body undergoes noticeable changes. Your adrenaline rises, your blood pressure increases, and you heart beats faster. Dreaming takes place during REM, which stands for Rapid Eye Movement. It is thus called, because your eyes move rapidly back and forth under the eyelids. REM sleep takes place in the fourth stage of sleep and accounts for 15-20% of your sleep time. From the point you fall asleep, it takes 30 to 90 minutes before you start dreaming. You cycle through the 4 stages of sleep and may enter the REM stage 4 to 7 times in one night.  During REM, your blood pressure and heart rate fluctuate and increase. It sounds like your body is going through a lot, but in fact, it is quite the contrary. During REM, your bodies are completely immobile and your muscles remain completely relaxed. You may shift in your bed throughout the night, but when in REM, you are completely still. This is commonly known as "REM Paralysis". In REM sleep, the mind is as active as it is during waking. However, chemically it is different. REM is controlled by the excitability level of the cholinergic neruons. Noradrenaline and seratonin are missing in the brain when in the dream state. These chemicals allow the brain to carry out task, solve problems and remember things. This is a reason why you find it so hard to remember your dreams.

Started my first driving lesson today! I started with a blank mind cause i know nuts about driving. Manual car are so difficult & good coordination are needed & the best thing is im so short & petite so i have got some difficulty when driving! Im so stressed when the instructor told me what to do. 

I can barely think straight cause i was so nervous as its my first time. Seeing them drive is like so easy but when i tried, its not easy at all can! The clutch & hand brake is like so hard & it makes my knee ache & the accelerator is so sensitive that i have to step on it with tender loving care!

Stressed to the max when i sat on the driver's seat. I told the instructor "Are you serious? You not scare?" when he told me to sit on the driver's seat. Oh well, i hope im not a dumb & retarded student!

Dinner with parents, sibling, granny, auntie & cousin today! I felt so guilty for having 2 big bowl of rice while everyone just had 1 each. So fattening, goodness! Sunday tomorrow! I did practically nothing for the past 2 days! Oh damn, so unproductive!