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Hello LV, Goodbye Gucci!

Monday, April 25, 2011 0 Comments

New portfolio for submitting my skin! From today onwards, i will put the blogskin that i did in my portfolio for download & im not gonna use blogskins.com anymore cause its useless now! I uber love both my blog & portfolio's skin! It took me alot of effort to do it! Pretty please with the results!

Im so damn bloody broke now & i think i need to survive on pure oxygen from the air from today onwards! Im owing up to SGD5000 on hand right now! Omygoodness! Signed 2 insurance policy which includes a saving plan which needs me to pay SGD350 per month!

Oh dear, i need to pay a total of SGD600 of insurance premium a month! I need to force myself to save from now onwards! No more shopping & only spending on the necessity!     

And and and, goodbye to my old Gucci wallet!

Yes, i just brought an LV wallet which cost me a bo bmb! The wallet was flew in from Paris by my sis's fren's fren! I know im like a pure stranger to him & its so kind of him to hunt from outlets to outlets in Paris just to find the model i wanted & once again, thanks to that guy! :)

Hello to my new LV wallet!

Clinic was like a mad house today! Fast & furious especially in the noon! By the end of the day, my mind just cant think straight cause it was occupied by so many things. We only have 2 hands & 2 legs but we got so many stuff to do at one go.

At one point of time, i just cannt make a decision on what thing should come first & which is more important. It seems like everything is important at that point of time! And we got to work like superman - fast & accurate!

So afraid that we make mistakes especially when it comes to things that we are not familiar with! I wonder how busy will the next 5 days be & its just the start of a new week! GG man! :(