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Im Dying Soon..

Thursday, April 28, 2011 2 Comments

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Want to make this skin yours?
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Its seems that the doctors & specialist clinic are my home & best friend! Have been there so frequently that im so hating those places! Taxing with long waits. Sky high bills and having to wait for so long to see the doctor is ridiculous! I wonder why human get sick so easily!

And after visiting so many places, i still doesnt know whats the fucking problem with my body. My body just malfunction without any reason. Great body i have! Made me spent so much on it yet getting nothing back in return. Zzzz!

Im taking a day off tomorrow as im having 2 specialist appointment at KKH & Gleneagles. Oh damn, its going to cost me a bomb once again! Marvelous much luh! Its just like sucking my blood bit by bit but im lucky enough cause im covered by HSBC insurance for all these.

Day 1

Day 3

And and, this is the free gift after the blood test - a haematoma! Two blood tests in 2 consecutive days! How great! Lucky im not scare of blood taking anymore! I used to be very scare of them, but after going for the phlebotomy course, im scare of needles no more!

Laboratory test results of the blood test are back with abnormal findings! My red blood cell are mildly macrocytic and my serum B12 are super high. Am i getting any terminal illness? A doctor was mentioning leukemia & some other diseases to me as seen when he googles about my blood test findings.    

Oh oh oh i got another doctor's appointment on Saturday too but i doubt im going! I gave up, im not going to investigate anything anymore! Im caring no more!! I know my body is in a mess, just let it be then.