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Saturday, May 07, 2011 2 Comments

Have been rotting at home today - another unproductive day! Went to town last evening to get my Blackberry fixed. Was quite disappointed that i wassnt given a one to one exchange.

Well, not anything major but i just cant get over the fact that my Blackberry cracks when i first dropped them on a carpeted floor shortly after i got them. Its like so vulnerable or did it comes with the crack, im not really sure.

It looks perfectly fine in this pic right? But if you look closely.. ..

See the 2 cracks above & below the navigator! 

It cracks at such an unusual place! Whenever i look at the crack, i feel like having this phone replaced. I hate seeing my phone in this condition! Such an inferior workmanship! 

Anyway, they just upgraded & reformat my Blackberry & insist that everything is ok. Nothing was address! This is the 2nd time i was there, the same thing happens on the first visit too! Anyway, thank god the problem was fixed for the time being this morning.  

Cant wait for Aug to come so that i can recontact my plan & get a new phone! Im looking at the Iphone 4 (White)! I know its silly cause i changed from an Iphone to Blackberry & now i cant wait to change back to Iphone. I can only say - I MADE THE WRONG MOVE! 

Met Sis shortly after i left Singtel's ComCenter. Headed to ION's LV & i got this wallet for Dad! It was a hasty decision. Well, its for Father's day cum Birthday present. As for Mother's day, we will be celebrating together next week with Dad & Sis's bday.

Its the Taiga Collection!

Well, i personally like those Damier  Ebene's design - the checkered ones but it was too flashy & young for dad. Middle aged man prefer low profile kinda design i guess? Anyway, i hope he like it!

Met Stella after that for dinner at TCC. Planned to head to Bugis but it was too late as the Comcenter's que was long so i was late for the meetup. So plan B was to head to Taka's Arena as they are having a fair there. Collected my phone 2 hours later & headed home.

Went for voting early this morning. I felt so old! Goodness. Its my first time! Well, not really into politic stuff & all but then we still need to vote. If there was a choice to vote for the neutral - neither the government or opposition, i would definitely choose that!

This was the voting ticket.

Took this ticket with my IC, head off to the place - my primary school. It has been ages since i last went back. Its like so new as they refurnish the whole building years back. Lined up & then we were given another ticket, and we made our way to the shelter-like stand to tick our choice on that sheet of paper.

Its like buying 4D or Toto except nobody see what you chose! After that we drop that sheet of paper into a cardboard & off we go! Lucky the que wassnt long cause its so warm today! Who will win lei? PAP or NSP for my side? I guess tomorrow's paper will be damn thick - a political paper not the newspaper! Another rest day till a new week starts.