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Goodbye, Wisdom!

Friday, May 06, 2011 1 Comments

This week is definitely a very fast week for me with with 3 working days & 4 off day! I hope every week is like this but i can only dream on. Early Feb, i visited the dentist & was told that i have wisdom tooth on my upper jaw which grew in an unusual way - grew like the wings of a butterfly.

I was advice to have them removed before they gave me problems in the future as it was seen in a very weird position. Therefore, I scheduled to go back to the dentist few weeks back, but i kept postponing the appointment till ystd, i finally took the courage to visit the dentist for that procedure!

This was the 2nd minor operation i went for. Last yr Dec was lasik operation & now wisdom tooth abstraction!

This is what i hate the most - having to swallow 8 tabs of antibiotic 1hr before seeing the dentist!

Never in my life did i have my tooth abstracted by a dentist before. All my milk teeth came off in a natural way - dropping off itself or i tried to play with it when it was shaky & tadah, out it comes.

Since young, i wassnt terrified when it comes to the dentist. I know most of my classmate in primary school hates the dentist to the max, but i didnt. Till now, all my teeth are still virgins.

I have 0 filling or anything, will just visit the dentist for scaling & polishing. But my right front teeth chips alittle due to an unknown reason - it was chipped off when it grew out & the dentist fixed them for me.

But this visit was a nightmare to me! When the dentist prepared the local anesthetic jab, my heart pounds even harder. I almost wanted to change my mind & get out of the room! Went for a quick X-ray of my tooth & i found out that the 2 lower wisdom tooth was embedded under my gums!

Then the dentist started to gave me the jab in my upper gums. It feels like something is pressuring my gums, a teeny weeny painful, but was bearable. The drug taste damn bitter can!

Then he waited awhile for the drug to work & the nurse covered my eyes with a mask. And when he says "We are going to start now!", i felt damn regretted that i came today! He started with the left side but there was still pain felt so he gave me more jab.

Down on luck, my left upper wisdom tooth was so stubborn. It dont want to come out no matter how he pull. He was like forcing them out in a circular motion & it was still not out! He struggled for like 10mins & my teeth still stays in place!

So he proceeded to the right one, & a pull, out it comes! Half relieved but still worried about the left one! He continued with the left one & struggled for another 10mins & finally out it comes!

Was so relieved that the procedure ended. Half of my face - the left side was so numb. I could even feel that the numbness goes right up to my cheek, nose & eyes! It was definitely not a good experience!

 This is my 2 stubborn teeth, im less wise now! LOL~  

2 out & another 2 still buried under my gums on the lower jaw! I hope they dont give me any problems! If i were to remove them, i would need to go to the Operating Theatre, put me to slp & drill them out! Awww, i dont want that to happen! :(

I requested to tabao my teeth back! LOL~

Was given 5 days MC, a course of antibiotics & some painkiller. I took 15 freaking tabs of medication ystd! No one can beat my record i guess!

Now i still feel sore in my upper jaws. I cant open my mouth wide & the left side of my cheek is abit swollen. I hope this procedure didnt break any of my vessels or i will have bruise on my face!!! Sorry am in my PJ & i look like a zombie!