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Sunday, May 29, 2011 0 Comments

" A lot of what passes for depression these days is nothing more than a body saying that it needs work. "

Been hibernating for the past 2 days cause i dont wanna you to come into my mind & weekends are over unknowingly. While i was bathing just now, i kept asking myself if today is a Sunday or a Saturday. I seriously hav no idea of what i did for the past two days especially on Saturday.

The only thing that i remembered was i went BBDC yesterday morning, came back home & showered, had lunch, pop-in some pills, switch on the aircon, headed to bed & i forgot what i did for the rest of the day. As for this morning, i woke up, drank a cup of milk, did some codings & headed off to bed for nap.

And i didnt have any meal today except for that pathetic 100mls of milk! My world is like a merry-go-round, spinning whenever i walk & i nearly pass out just now before i went for a shower. My world suddenly turned darker but i manage to get hold of some water before i really faint. I guess im hypoglycemic.

The weirdest thing is that i dont feel hungry at all throughout the day! All i want to do now is continue to sleep till tomorrow! Anyway, i just finished my br-unch-ner (breakfast cum lunch cum dinner) all in one shot! But it freaks me when i was about to finish my noodle soup, i saw a tiny worm floating about in the soup!

Goodness, all my appetite went downhill. But luckily, i didnt eat the worm down together with the noodle! What a sigh of relief! Quite reluctant to start work tomorrow, now my favorite hobby is sleeping! Although i slept a few days, im still lack of sleep! I guess sleeping is just a way to make myself break away from the problem for the time being. 

Im so useless that i cant even handle my own mind!