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A Punishment Or Prank?

Thursday, May 26, 2011 1 Comments

"  Sometimes, when you are too attached to a person for too long, you tend to forgot your true self "

Photoshopped my eyes, they are so big & scary now!

Just when i was about to head back on track, he appeared again. Is this a punishment or a prank to me? Just when i convinced myself that everything is not like how it used to be, you came along. Im petrified, im disoriented mentally, for i dont want repetition again.

 This time, you made me really confused that serious insomnia hit me last night. Memories flash back & i felt so miserable. I cannot perceive what is right & what is wrong. I hate to stand alone in this dark & colorless world, it makes my life meaningless!

Although i did tell myself, if one day i was given another chance, i would want to go back to the past because its the happiest period i had with you & never let you go again. But at the other end, i dont want to be martyred again, i seriously hate the feeling of being cut alive.

You show me what is love & how to hate. Somehow or rather, i feel that this is fate. And god wants to relay a message to me - treasure the present. Well, im not gonna hope for anything right now, i just want to know the true you.