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Party With A Leopard!

Sunday, June 26, 2011 0 Comments

One & a half day down from the weekend. I wish time will go two to three times slower during the weekend, two to three times faster during weekday! Im kinda sick of work! Slept throughout the day, woke up at around 5:45PM, shower, got myself dinner (my first meal of the day), prepared & headed out to meet Chris the leopard (she was wearing a dress with leopard prints) at Vivo.

I used to not make-up, but now i guess i will not dare to step out of the house without any makeup, well at least a under-eye concealer with cosmetic lens or eyeliner to cover my dark circles & enlarge my small eyes. 

                Nude face with cosmetic lens                               Refurnished.                          

I ♥ my dreamy eyes

Yesterday was so jam packed that we que outside for nearly an hour. By the time we are standing infront of the bouncer, the sign "FULL HOUSE" display was flashed out on the door. Luckily we managed to get in & it was 12mn by then.


It was so packed that we didnt have a place to stand & everyone kept pushing us around like a ball rolling on the floor. And i didnt snap much pic cause whenever i try to, people kept pushing & the image turned out to be blurry. Damn!

Therefore, we decided to go off at 1am. Kinda waste of time, but at least we did get ourself inside for an hour. Cab home afterwhich. Halfway through the journey...


This is not the first time i experience this, but i realized that most of the time i drink, i will experience blackout. There will be this weird feeling which acts like a warning to me, and my sight slowly turns darker & darker & suddenly blindness sets in! All i need to do is to squat down for awhile & my vision will slowly come back!

My first blackout was like 2yrs back, after a few drinks, i headed out to the cab stand & halfway while crossing the road, the blackout came! I was like panicking in the middle of the road & luckily my friend was there to hold me just in time. And i was so afraid that this will give me permanent blindness.

Googled & did some research...
What is an alcohol blackout?
This is not the same thing as passing out when you have had too much to drink. Passing out very much resembles sleeping. No, an alcoholic blackout is when a person has had a lot to drink and they go into this state of mind where they can no longer remember anything that they are doing, but they are still moving around, conversing with people, and possibly causing all sorts of problems.

Blackout drinking does not necessarily cause people to lose consciousness or “pass out.” Instead, high alcohol consumption temporarily interferes with the function of the brain, causing the brain to be unable to retain information in short term memory. Many people do lose consciousness at the tail end of a period of blackout drinking. Upon regaining consciousness, the drinker may not know where he or she is or what is going on.

There are two main ways in which blackout drinking can impact the memory. In some cases, blackout drinking results in a large chunk of “lost time,” and the drinker will be able to remember events before and after the missing block of memory. The skipped events in the middle are a clue that a blackout was experienced. It is also possible to lose only fragments of memory.

But the thing is, i still remember everything after the blackout & im still awake while the blackout strikes & i know what im doing at that point of time. Whenever i squat down, my vision will slowly come back but when i started walking, the blackout sets in again. Why my body so weird one?! Well, maybe drinking is not running in my genes therefore, im a poor drinker!