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New Mission!

Sunday, July 03, 2011 0 Comments

"Before you get the best, you have to have the worst"

Im rather excited about school right now! Classes are starting this coming Wednesday & im looking forward to it! Im taking a big step forward in my life & this step will be a really new thing for me as im taking up Bachelor in Arts(Honors) in Business Management from Kaplan.

I need/want a career change! I dont want to be a nurse anymore although im passionate about being one. Im tired of all the nonsense, im not your maid! Sad to say, nurses are like high class maid to some people out there. We need the respect, earthlings!

Its like a donkey years since i last touched a book - probably like a year or two! Went for the whole afternoon of induction yesterday. Well, im feeling the stress right now even though classes has yet to start. I can foresee that im going through hell in the next 20 months.

Studying is - pay to suffer! Well, even though im stepping into hell, i want to make the best out of it. I need to be really discipline to actually study everyday & I need to not feel sleepy when i open a book. I hope i can do it & i know i can!

Graduating will be a commitment & it will be my new goal in life too.

I love my new portfolio layout to bits!

Today dont seems like a Sunday to me! Maybe because induction was till 6pm yesterday so its as good as my normal weekday. Monday is approaching, the war is starting again! Sigh!