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ERS Chalet '11

Sunday, July 10, 2011 0 Comments

Im having this terrible splitting headache induced by lack of sleep & the financial concepts from school just now. This weekend was fast yet tiring! Headed out early to meet Jas to get "some" grocery in Pasir Ris's Giant on Saturday.

It seems like we, two little girls hijacked the whole supermart! Brought freaking lotsa grocery worth SGD250 & the whole trolley nearly broke down! We started with a trolley & ended up with two! It seems like we didnt eat for days! Alright, im lazy to upload those pics!

One aunty asked, "Why did you both buy so many stuff, how long do you both take to finish all these?!"
We replied, "We starved for a few days already, that why we are buying so much food!"

And so many aunties tried to stand beside us while we were paying, hoping that we will give them that stamp thingy that they wanted. But well, we gave the aunty that approached us first. She is lucky! Haha! 

Well well, all these are for our annual chalet! And two petite little girls ended up manipulating the trolley like pushing a big rock that is so freaking heavy. Drove down to the chalet, prepared those products we got & got the fire started. This is the best chalet i went, so nice & cozy! Its like those semi-detached houses with modern interior design.

The food nearly killed us all. We overestimate the food & ended up with so much leftovers & we were all so full by then. I guess im gonna increase a kilo or two for the weekend. Holy shit!

Mahjong with alcohol till late night. Girls talk till 3am with Jas & Aiping & tadah, i ended up with this headache. Serve me right uh! And the best thing is, i woke up at 8am to prepare for school today. So drained now & i feel like dying!

The concepts taught today is making me go mad, but school was fun afterall! I need alot of catch-ups & revisions. Awww, this week is gonna be another work > home > study > sleep week! Exams next week!

I need more Gingko Biloba to boost my memory!