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One Down!

Sunday, August 21, 2011 0 Comments

Today marks the near end of my first module - Financial & Management account. One more individual assignment to go before it marks the ending of this particular module. And the date line is this coming Sun but i have yet to start the proj!

Time deprived, sleep deprived!
Can i not go to work instead and focus on my project only?

I have got not much time left anymore but lucky i had someone to helped me along! But well, its my project so i guess i would need to help myself instead. James, my lecturer did said a few words today & it was like so touching. A good lecturer indeed & never fails to encourage us & guild us along the way! Thank you very much for everything!

Today i did my first presentation for this course. Rather tensed up & also, faced alot of problems. Did some uber last minute edit & also rehearsal for the presentation. Most of the group did quite well! And im glad that most of my classmate was really supportive. I had good classmates luh!

Half a Sunday gone! Aww, time fly! Can we slow down the time when im out of work so that i have more time on studies. Im really having lack of time! Damn! Alrighty, time to chiong my project & throw everything aside in my brain.

Sometime i just got so affected..but i will try to put everything behind & get things done!