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Saturday, July 30, 2011 0 Comments

Its my 7th year (including student days) celebrating Nurse's day. This year's celebration was done in Spring Court Restaurant located in Chinatown. My first visit there & the food was superb, everyone was satisfied after the meal!
Nurses' Day is celebrated in Singapore on 1 August annually. It is an opportunity for us to honor the contributions of our dedicated nurses who devote their lives to taking care of the sick.

Originally celebrated as Nurses Week from 1965 and changed to Nurses Day in the 1980s, Nurses Day is a day set aside to honour and recognise the contribution of nurses to Singapore. It is usually marked with celebrations for nurses, including graduation ceremonies, blood donation drives, concerts, exhibitions, funfairs and charity events. Since 1990, the President has opened the Istana to nurses on this day, to thank them for the contribution to the health and well-being of the nation.

Unlike other countries, which celebrate Nurses Day on 12 May, the birthday of Florence Nightingale, Singapore celebrates Nurses Day on 1 August. This dates marks the beginning of the development of nursing in Singapore.

Up till 1885, healthcare in Singapore was poor. While there were several hospitals (in the Pearl's Hill, Sepoy Lines and Kandang Kerbau areas), there was a lack of nurses to support the work of the doctors. The call went out for nurses, and was answered by nuns from the local French Convent, who started nursing at the General Hospital at the Sepoy Lines on 1 August 1885.
We did an early celebration on the 18th July because of one of our muslim friend.Well, it may not be a special day or rather, not everyone knows of this day, but well, its the day where we switched roles with the doctor. Instead of pleasing the doctors, the doctor will please us as a token of appreciation.

Booked a suit & we went through a 7 course dinner on that night.

 Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat 

 Spring Court Popiah *Highly Recommended!

The popiah was the best that i came across! Woohoo!

 Charcoal-Roasted Suckling Pig *Highly Recommended!

This is my first attempt to try eating suckling pig after refusing to try for so many years. This tastes fantastic! Unlike those oily & scary ones which turns me off when i saw them. This looks especially appealing with not even a trace of oil! On word - Superb!

 Deep-fried Soon Hock Fish
Im not a fan of fish & is always refusing them when served. Unlike this, crunchy on the outside, fresh & soft inside. Both thumbs up!  

 Steamed Kampong Chicken with Chinese Ham

 Pan-fried Tiger Prawns

 Braised Vegetables 
 Lotus Leaf Fried Rice

  Fresh Almond Paste with Lotus Seeds 

Had the second nurses day buffet lunch last Tuesday. Received a few boxes of cakes from the sales rep. I guess nurses day was mend for putting on weight for the nurses. I felt so depress when standing on the weighing scale now.

My weight is shooting sky high, time to go on diet & i must! No junk food after meals from now on. Gonna discipline myself to introduce fruits first then the main course so that i will not eat so much of junk after meal. No time for exercise so the only thing i can do is just working hard on my diet! Boohoo!  

This week was a tiring week for me. Thank god, it ended, but next week issnt better thou. Had lesson for 4 consecutively day. My very first exam - Financial Accounting on Wednesday. Not a good day too! Went for my dental treatment on Tuesday & my tooth flare up on Wednesday morning.

It was so painful that i couldnt chew & i literally swallowed all the 85% un-chewed food down. It got worst therefore i headed down to have a check again. Was given anti-biotics to reduce the inflammation & im much better now.

And whats worst? My phone died on me! Something went wrong with the charger & the phone. It jus refuses to charge. So headed down to Singtel to service my phone. Not a good day & it takes up most of my time for study. I hope i can do well in that test. God bless me!

Assignments is a bitch now. The submission date is getting closer & the lecturer has yet discussed about them. Everything just went hay-wire last night, causing mood swings. I hope everything will go smoothly from now on. Im having a bad year!

Nonetheless, its a bless, i still have you. ♥