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Sunday, August 14, 2011 0 Comments

Awww! Im finally blogging after so long. Im just not free to do so. Was sick & was mugging for exams recently & finally, exams are over! No more accounting exams but am left with 4 assignments & 1 exam for this module! Stress level issnt decreasing but shooting up day by day.

Was sick for nearly a week. Flu, cough, fever, bodyaches, headache. Was so tired recently too because of exams. Mugging nearly everyday after work. A sigh of relief that everything was so far so good. Thanks to my lecturer, i love you luh!

I hereby certified that accounting is not my forte. I hate accounting luh but luckily the module which im taking - financial & management accounting didnt comprise of just maths alone. Phew! Im suck to the core in maths! Thank god, its over & i didnt flunk both my exam. I guess i scored pretty well, at least a pass!

Assignments are an ass too for accounting. It seems like im stuck in a small little hole, unable to get out of it. I have not even an idea how to start on my individual assignment! Fml.

God bless me that i will do well for my assignment too! :x