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Monday, August 29, 2011 1 Comments

11:59 - The due date for my first individual assignment! Although i already handed up yesterday night, im still being paranoid. I dont know if im doing the correct thing or is my work relevant. Oh dear, but what is done is done, therefore i can just look forward. I hope it issnt too bad!

2nd one down but im still left with 2 more! Its like a never ending repetition thingy! Well, i was the one we decide to pay to suffer. But i just need to persevere for this 2 years and everything will be over! I can do it!

Was really busy with school and assignment that i dont even bother to put makeup cause im too lazy and tired to. Well, maybe that the reason why im still single. LOL~

How i wish today was part of the public holiday too cause i yearn for a long long weekend. And with regards to the president election, why didnt Mr New President change the calendar - 4 weekdays and 3 weekends? 5 weekdays and 2 weekends are so tiring!

I guess stress had hit me. Pimple outbreak! Pimples farming all over my face. Goodness gracious me! Alrighty, i need to kick start my engine for the next assignment! Cheers!