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Friday, September 02, 2011 0 Comments

Do you believe in "Feng Shui" of certain places? 

I didnt much believe in these but things happened this year makes me ponder whether that is the cause of it. Almost everyone in the clinic is having some health problem this year! And its like an almost everyday thing that someone will need to consult a doctor regarding health issue.

For me, i spent like a freaking SGD2k+ on health problems this year. Thats like freaking lots of money and this is the first time almost everything hit me. I never used to fall sick in the past but this year, I was like sick a couple of times after i worked in this clinic.

This year, i went to see numerous specialist - a general surgeon, a cardiologist, a gynecologist, a TCM physician, a dentist & now an ENT specialist. Recently, i just finish my root canal treatment. And moreover, i develop a flu a month back & ended up with a blocked nose.

That blocked nose hit me for a month therefore, it left me with no choice so i dragged myself to consult an ENT doctor. The doctor did a nose scope and a ear scope for me & to my surprised, a relatively big & fierce-looking growth was found at adenoid (back of the nose). Nobody know what causes it, it may be there for quite some time, or it is because of the latest flu i got.

Doctor suggested to treat it with a course of anti-biotics & observed for a while & hopefully it will go away after i finish that course of anti-biotic. i hope its not cancerous. And touchwood, if its not better i might need to go through a surgery. I was so freaked out after i saw the growth. Now im full of worries & concerns!

A few colleagues of mine is also seeking specialized doctor on some other health issues and problems often come one after another. Im scared of going to the doctor. Firstly it cost a bomb and secondly, its scary to have abnormal findings and treatments often cost a bomb too. Now only god can help me i guess! Aww~!

And just ystd night...


Had a session of body detox too - puke once and had a few episode of diarrhea accompanied by headache & body ache. A full colon flash out cum a gastric washout for my body! However, i still dragged myself to work & i regretted going.

Luckily i skipped my lesson last night or i might need to be the janitor for the night! Am on medical sick leave today but will be heading for class later on. Still having that nausea feeling & diahhorea hit me once but i hope it dont hijack me during class! .

Pray for me that i will be fine!! :(

And oh.. ..


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