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Wednesday, September 07, 2011 0 Comments

I always got a tinkle when old couples walk on the street holding each other's hand. How can they actually be in a relationship for a few decades. Of cos i was green with envy whenever i came across old loving couple.

Questions always strike me.
What about me?
Will i be able to be like them when i turn old?

Many a times, things always get sweet in the beginning, but this honeymoon period dont last long. Take my previous relationship as an example. Im not sure if these applies to all relationship but this is how i feel. We used to be so close in the beginning, hanging out almost everyday, chatting & textinging on the phone for hours at night everyday without fail.

We are always stick together just like being super-glued. And as times went by, the time of being together got lesser and lesser and lastly, it will be resort to a "cant-be-bothered" attitude towards each other & will end up having frequent quarrels over small little thing.

Maybe we just got sick of each other over a period of time & we take everything for granted thinking that no matter what happens, he/she will still be there in our lives. And very soon, you will feel contingent rather than love.  

When asked, do you still love me?
Replies will be "of cos i love you/of cos i treasure you/of cos you are deem important to me. 

What do you mean by you treasure someone?
Is it just by some words you say, things you have done or the attitude you are showing?

Many people just like to write a blank cheque. So what if you say a script full of romantic lines but had nothing to begin with? Everything is just rubbish.

Friend showed me a video yesterday & i find it so meaningful and real.

Love can be a bless yet a disaster. 

To me, the answer to successful relationship is to have trust, honest, initiative & be responsible towards it. Give & take anything that happens and address to any obstacle you came across.

But oh well, where is Mr Right?