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Friday, September 09, 2011 0 Comments

I was suppose to blog on the 4th of Sep about my Ubin trip, but well i was too busy & lazy to do so. My apologies. That was my very first visit to the rural areas of Singapore - Pulau Ubin. It was very much like my granny's place. My granny lives in a kampong in Malaysia.

By saying kampong, i mean the real kampong which doesnt even exist in Singapore. Yes, its very much like what you imagined. The house was surrounded by forest with dogs, cats, chicken, pig & ducks running around. The nearest shop was like an hour drive away. The house doesnt have a proper floor - its cemented instead of tiles.

Mosquito flying about with lots of lizards, centipede, frogs & insects everywhere. It irks most of us the city kids the moment when you even think about it. If given a choice, i rather not go there because i cannt tahan staying in such dirty & rundown place! I rather be killed.

So mummy always say "You are lucky enough to be born in Singapore where everything is so modern here!"

The moment i step onto the land of Ubin, i think of granny's place. Its exactly how rundown it is. With forest everywhere and in order to get to granny place, you need to go thru hills & valley. It was a 2D1N trip for my friends but a day trip for me.

I didnt stay overnight due to work commitment. Well, first of all, we ranted bicycle for easy transportation. I didnt ride for donkey years, therefore i ended up having couple bikes with one of my new friend - Ah lam (Alarm). 

A nice chap and lucky with him around, everything was made easier. We cycled to the resort & then checked in & explore around. They went for fish spa but i didnt dare to try because im scare of those fishes. It sends chill down my spine.

Had lunch then stayed in the chalet because it started raining heavily. What a day but luckily the rain cleared within half an hour. I had a good amount of exercise that day. Donkey years since i did a decent sports. Cycled for hours with lotsa downhill & up slope. Totally exhausted!

The "best" thing was how muddy the road was after the rain. Totally yucky but who cares, since im out for this trip, i just let it be. And for the first i time in my life, i saw mummy wild bore & baby wild bore! The babies are quite cute.

In total we cycled a few kilometers & my leg aches quite abit after that. Its nice to sweat after sports but well, i guess i cant be bothered to do any exercise on a normal day. Classes & work are good enough to kill me, let it be sports.

We took alot of pics on that day but i didnt have everything yet & all of the pic turns out to be damn fugly & i look totally shagged. Overall, i did enjoy myself for the day but given a choice i might not want to be back again. Im not a sporty girl afterall!