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Sunday, September 11, 2011 0 Comments

Good news or bad news? Well, im pregnant for 4 months now & if nothing was done i will look like a full termed preggy soon! And i will get to seat on the priority seats everyday in the train or bus & stand no more! Wahahaha.

Nice right? Making full use of the price you pay for the mrt & bus fares!!! Dont need to offer seats to anyone anymore because some people are just not appreciative even when you offer seats to them. Not even thankful at all, tsk.      

Dont be surprise, given my size i can gobble like a king. I guess i eat more then some guys luh! Great or wad? In the chinese context, there is a saying - its a blessing to be able to eat (Nen chi shi fu)!

So being fat is a bliss anot?      

Due to my monstrous eating habits, im putting on weight everyday! Sooner or later, i will look like a one ball rolling on the floor. Although i have been whining about my weight & fats, but im not really enforcing myself on strict diets.

Its all a paradox.. ..

Reinforcing myself to control my diet & not over eat & also cultivating my momentum on toilet bowls to clear my bowels at least twice a day. Started my tummy trimming plan 3 days back. I gotta be discipline & work hard on that to gain back my flat tummy.

Got myself a slim belt to aid in the process of my tummy trimming plan & to tone & shape my muscles. Im a plain lazy girl, & there is no way im gonna go for runs or gym. So the only thing i can do is to rely on tummy slimming gadgets.

I hope it helps because i dont even dare to put on my bikinis with my 4 months pregnant tummy of mine now. Hopefully it will show good results in 2 weeks & im gonna write & share a review with you guys on it if this belt works wonders!